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Welcome! This is Daejeon.



He is my friend during the holidays. He is a marine.

I am gonna join the armed service to an air unit at the end of this year.

친구가 휴가를 나와서 기념사진을 찍어줬습니다. 상병이 되더니 매끈하던 몸매에 살이 두텁게 붙어버리네요.

저는 올해 말 공군으로 입대할 예정입니다.


Blogger Edwin Sumun said...

It looks like a play on stage. It also has a sinister feel to it.

Another great shot.


4/06/2006 01:12:00 AM  
Blogger Grant F said...

what's he patrolling? looks very serious! great shot, great light.

4/06/2006 02:30:00 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Yes, this is very evocative. What is your illustration like, I wonder?

4/06/2006 05:49:00 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

a great model and shot !

4/06/2006 05:10:00 PM  
Blogger Cynthia! said...

great shot!!!

4/06/2006 10:38:00 PM  

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